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Carpet dyeing, Phoenix, AZ | Bleach Spots Scottsdale, Glendale, AZ

Basic Science

Bleach spots are not stains that can be removed. If you have spilled bleach on your carpet, you should call Canyon State. We are the experts in spot color repairs. Few carpet cleaning companies are willing to dye carpets. The science of color is basic middle school stuff, but spot dyeing is more of an art than a science, and it takes a lot of practice. With years of experience, we don't need your carpet to practice on. If you have bleach spots you need dyed, some companies will refer you to another company (some will refer you to us). Others will fix the bleached areas with a patch. Still others will attempt to dye the bleached carpet without having the requisite experience. After they collect your money, the dyed carpet will probably look a little bit better, it might look worse. Who knows.

"On behalf of KIK Custom Products, Please accept out thanks for color correcting "Mrs. R's" vehicle carpet in Scottsdale, AZ...
...Thanks for a job well done."
Andrea T.
Consumer Claims Specialist

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Canyon State Carpet Care & Restoration Specialists will repair your carpet or

You Won't Pay!

If we cannot dye your carpet we will probably know in advance, we will explain why we can't dye it, and we will offer a solution that will work.

In addition to bleach spot color repairs to carpet, we offer a whole host of carpet color restoration techniques. We have the best trained carpet care technicians in Arizona, and have been dyeing carpet, experimenting, and perfecting the art of carpet dyeing for more than 20 years.



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