No windows... or ducts... or plumbing...
...Just carpets!

Glendale & Peoria, AZ - West Valley Carpet cleaning

Canyon State Carpet Care & Restoration Specialist in Phoenix, AZ is a locally owned, family run carpet cleaning company which serves Glendale, Peoria, & surrounding AZ communities. We guarantee the highest quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and carpet repair service you have ever had. We offer carpet cleaning in the Glendale & West Valley communities. We also offer a complete array of additional carpet care services including oriental rug cleaning, 24 hr. emergency flood service, carpet stain removal, odor removal, and a host of other problem solving services. We are currently offering our Glendale & Peoria customers discounts below.

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"Fantastic attention to detail at a fair price, excellent job, highly recommend!"
M.K. - Litchfield Park, AZ


Although we use the best carpet cleaning technology and procedures available, we still believe the technician is the most important ingredient to a satisfied customer, not machines, chemicals, or procedures.

Who can you trust to clean your carpets?


Carpet cleaning companies are in the business of making money. All carpet cleaning companies. Although no company can fully control their employees, some companies have business practices which disregard the best interests of the customer. Some carpet cleaning companies are up front and honest about their pricing, some are not. The following are standard practices for many AZ carpet cleaning companies. There are also many reputable carpet cleaning companies in AZ who are not involved in these practices. If you ask a few questions on the phone, you can avoid the following predatory practices.

Other residential carpet cleaners may also do a thorough pre-inspect ion, but...

  1. Some may advertise a low price, then they will try to pressure you to pay more after they are in your house, after they have already started cleaning your carpets, after it's too late for you to send them away. This very common predatory practice puts the customer in a real bind. You can usually avoid this by reading the coupons very carefully. Read the small print on carpet cleaning coupons.
  2. Most carpet cleaners are simply not qualified to repair carpet problems professionally.
  3. Other carpet cleaners may try to sell you unnecessary services.
  4. They may even charge you extra to vacuum your carpet.
  5. A lot of them will charge extra to pre-condition the carpet. Nobody can do a proper carpet cleaning without this crucial step.
  6. Most will not agitate the detergent into the carpet.
  7. They may not move furniture.
  8. Most of them will not groom the carpet.
  9. They could leave an excessive amount of water in your carpet causing rapid resoiling or browning.
  10. Some coupons or advertised prices might not even include any cleaning products at all. It might be a water only "cleaning". If you want your carpets actually cleaned, you have to pay much more than the advertised price. They may give you a price that looks very low, but doesn't include the basic steps which are required to get a carpet clean.
  11. We use square foot pricing for our carpet cleaning. This way, you get exactly what you pay for. If you hire a company who charges by the room (or area), some of your rooms will count as 2 areas, bathrooms and halls will count as areas, large closets may count as a areas, etc...

We strive to build a long term relationship with our customers. We don't tolerate misleading our customers, and it doesn't serve us well to have our customers expectations not met completely. We want our customers to tell their friends about us, and we don't want them to even consider calling someone else for their carpet cleaning or other carpet services.

"Carpet dry cleaning" vs. "steam cleaning"

People have long been told that steam cleaning will damage their carpet. This is a scare tactic which carpet "dry cleaning" companies used in the past which is completely false. In fact, the largest "chemical dry cleaning" companies in the world have now abandoned their old methods in favor of steam cleaning because their old dry methods don't comply with industry standards. The carpet cleaning industry and carpet manufacturers have forced these companies to update to the approved steam cleaning equipment and methods.

The Canyon State Guarantee:

 The quality of our work will not be surpassed on any
service by any competitor at any price