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Canyon State Carpet Care - Phoenix, AZ

Residential carpet cleaning Anthem, Deer Valley, Ahwatukee, etc...

Upholstery cleaning, Carpet repair, Complete carpet care

Canyon State Carpet Care & Restoration Specialist provides carpet cleaning and other carpet care services to Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities. We are a Phoenix, locally owned, family run business which guarantees the finest quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repair and problem solving available in Phoenix. In addition to carpet cleaning, we offer a comprehensive menu of carpet care services from fine oriental rug cleaning or persian rug cleaning to 24 hr. emergency flood service or carpet repair. We will remove the toughest odors and the toughest stains from your carpet and your home. We are currently offering discounts to our Phoenix customers below.

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"Canyon State ... ...were very professional, prompt, and provided exactly what was promised. I am very happy with the service and results and will definitely use you again."
Candace L. - Phoenix, AZ - (carpet cleaning & carpet stretching)

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The Canyon State carpet cleaning system

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We use powerful truck-mounts to steam clean the carpet in your home. Our residential carpet cleaning system exceeds industry standards and includes the following procedures.

  1. Pre inspection of the carpet for repairs, stains, odors, or other potential issues
  2. A complete written estimate of the total cost before any equipment enters the home **
  3. Pre-vacuuming the carpet (vacuuming is a crucial step in carpet cleaning, because it removes up to 95% of particulate soil)
  4. Pre-spotting before carpet cleaning (other Phoenix carpet cleaning companies charge extra for these essential steps)
  5. Agitation to work the spotting agents into the carpet fibers (allows for more complete carpet cleaning)
  6. Carpet cleaning under most furniture
  7. Available by request is our RX-20™ Rotary Jet hot water deep soil extraction (the best carpet cleaning device in the industry)
  8. Thorough carpet cleaning
  9. Complimentary carpet deodorization is included with every carpet cleaning
  10. Replace the furniture on plastic tabs to protect the damp carpet
  11. Optional application of Dupont Teflon™ carpet protector
  12. Grooming of the clean carpet for presentation to the customer
  13. Facilitation of drying (your carpet should dry in a few hours)

** Sometimes we won't know in advance how a spot will respond to carpet cleaning or dyeing. In these cases, we will explain all of your options and give you our best expert opinion.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ with the RX-20 rotary jet extractor

The RX-20™ Rotary Jet Extractor is revolutionizing the carpet cleaning industry. With 5 spray jets, matched with 5 vacuum slots, the RX-20 makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This scrubbing action when paired with a truck-mounts' suction power removes deep soils while fluffing up matted carpet and extending the carpets life. "The best carpet cleaning available"

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Although we use the best carpet cleaning technology and procedures available, we still believe the carpet cleaning technician is the most important ingredient to a satisfied customer, not machines, chemicals, or procedures.

"Carpet dry cleaning" vs. "carpet steam cleaning"

People have long been told that steam cleaning will ruin their carpet. This is a myth. In fact, the large chemical "dry cleaning" companies have now abandoned their old carpet cleaning methods in favor of steam cleaning. The carpet cleaning industry and carpet manufacturers now require that these companies update to the approved carpet steam cleaning methods and equipment.

When it comes to residential carpet cleaning, carpet repair, Oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, or any of our other services, we use only the finest products available from great companies including Dupont™, Pro-Chem™, 3M™, Chemspec™, Pro's Choice™, Bridgepoint Systems™, and more.

The Canyon State Guarantee:

 The quality of our work will not be surpassed on any
service by any competitor at any price